Jogging is a group blog founded by Brad Troemel and Lauren Christiansen, now featuring work by members Andreas Banderas, Andreas Ervik, Aaron Graham, Andrew Christopher Green, Artie Vierkant, Chris Coy, Israel Lund, Jesse Stecklow, Joshua Citarella, Justin Kemp, Kate Steciw, and Spencer Longo. The blog began in 2009 with Troemel and Christiansen posting sculptural combinations of left over art scraps from exhibitions in the gallery they lived in. The objects would then be thrown away, leaving only the images on the blog behind. Out of a desire to work with a wider array of materials than what was available by chance in the gallery the duo began Photoshopping Google Image Search results for products together, titling the work as though its documentation referred to real, physical objects rather than the conceptual potentials they were. This interest in distorting forms of documentation, blurring the line between physical and digital, and finding new product combinations as an expression of the internet's horizontality all persist with the blog to the present day.

In addition to being open to submission by all, today Jogging features a steady stream of topical events and exhibitions carried out by the members exclusively. Art of Politics, at the Massachusetts College of Art, was Jogging's first physical exhibition, using the rhetorical ornament and visual motifs of the presidential election cycle as a form of decoration. For Miami Beach Jogging teamed with Stadium Gallery to produce a party centered around a mix of edible and inedible mixed drinks in a beachside event titled Re-Mixology.